1.A musician/artist. The name of his band. Formed in 1989. Hated by stupid christians because they follow a book that is thousands of years old and have no proof that god exists and stick to their routine of being mindless puppets. Marilyn Manson makes these people think for once in their pathetic life and they are like " oh my god, i am thinking! Help me! I wanna be controlled by an invisible man forever!" Since they are not used to thinking, they freak out and blame the problem on other people instead of themselves. Prove that all people have faults.

2. A truly great man.
Me: What do you think about Marilyn Manson?

Christian scum: I think he is a useless, scary devil worshipper who goes against the word of god. He shall burn in Hell!

Me: whatever... hey, thats a nice ring. Where did you get it?

Cristian scum: Oh this? I stole it from my dying grandma when I was supposed to be fixing her breakfast.
by Dani Tatro August 06, 2005
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true- guy who relies on shock to sell his albums. nothing more than another man wearing makeup to get famous. he sells an image not music. he is no better than dashboard confessional.

false- the reason columbine and 9/11 happened. he didnt get a gun and kill those kids, two depressed kids did.
marilyn manson sucks dick but he isnt the reason why kidds kill people.
by john gallione May 07, 2007
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Marilyn Manson is the best industrial metal band ever.
Idiot: OMFG Did I just hear that you like Marilyn Manson?
Idiot: He's a freak, didn't he have his ribs removed so he can suck his own dick?
Me: No, you retard. God you're so stupid.
by WeWillSellOurShadow May 15, 2011
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Man: I just bought the new Marilyn Manson CD.
Me: Why would you waste your time listening to Marilyn Manson, when you could listen to a other, more worthwhile, metal. Like DREAM THEATER, KAMELOT or even THE BLACK MAGES. Genreally the same thing, only a little more interesting to listen to, and the lead singers aren't transvestites and the musicians, I'm not trying to sound biased, erm, BETTER?
by Not Entered December 09, 2005
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this is a review i found on amazon.com for the Mechanical Animals CD:
1 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
THIS GUY IS A FREAK!!!!!!, August 26, 2006
Reviewer: MusikFre@k "Phil" (Florida,USA) - See all my reviews
Oh My Gosh, Who would like this ugly devil-worshiper? I agree with Jackson Braybrooks 100%!!! Explicit Cover, What the heck????
Rap beats this by 10000000000000(etc.)%!!! I can't even explain how much I hate Marliyn Manson...I hate Marliyn Manson more looking at him naked...This guy needs to go away, I don't know how, He just needs to leave...He screams to death like it's probably not even him when he screams. How can people enjoy this? I sure as heck don't!!!!!!
what you just read is an example of a dickhead, asshole, ect. Said asshole never listened to MM, therefore, should not review.

REAL DEFINITION OF MARILYN MANSON: Misunderstood "shock rocker." His songs arent just screaming, most have meaningful emotional lyrics. My favorite songs by him are: Torniquet, The Man You Fear, and Mechanical Animals.
dickhead: LoLlErSkAtEs, Marilyn Manson is sCaraY GoTh AsShole, DoO-dOo head!!!!!11ONE!!11

smart person: *shoots dickhead* SHUT THE FUCK UP!
by The Man You Fear September 02, 2006
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shitty pretend musician who relies on shock value
marilyn manson's music isn't music
his videos are just him naked showing his manboobs...a trick he learned from madonna

he's just a weird naked cockeyed freak
by O_o January 29, 2005
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Marilyn Manson is a super hott guy too...
*drool* i'd do him he's so hott.. o_O
by Amanda April 06, 2005
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