Someone of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. mostly treated as such
god i wish i was marco Fml
by dhdgfgsjfg+6465 November 05, 2009
Marcos is the most epic thing ever invented. He's so epic, that he is a muffin! He's sweet, funny, smart, caring, and tastes AMAZING! He'll make you want to stay up all night just to talk to him! So go into your local bakery and get yourself a Marcos!

(also comes in cookie form)
by Princess Cuddlekinz August 26, 2011
This name represented great power and leadership as known in every religion as the "Absolute God". Also known for being a very respectful and caring individual with such knowledge that can change the world forever. Posses an outstanding level of athletic skill in every sport. As well as incredibly hard hard worker and even harder party playa. Ladies love him, men wish they were him, animals flock to his greatness only to become frightened by his Ora.
Little kid: I want to be a hero and role model and strong and smart and everything good when i grow up!!
Father: Base your life off of marco's then son and you can never go wrong.
by The city of Buffalo January 22, 2011
Marco is a white italian player with an above average penis size and ego and occasionally gets with prostitute for free.
No mehn..Marco is such a pimp.

This guy is such a marco.
by uk19 December 06, 2010
Cute, cool, amazing, kind, loving person, could be a jerk sometimes but no matter what he is just amazing and very smart, intelligent.
Marco is just a smart kid
Marco is so hot
I really like Marco so much
by XRaXChiXSha February 07, 2011
the most amazing guy ever that can make anyone's day better. he has the best smile in the whole world and when he's drunk he loves to show off his italian
hey i love your smile marco.
by millionpennys December 28, 2010
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