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The new guy who sits beside you at work. Probably not very nice, or freindly. Sometimes will ask you to provide entertainment (i.e talk to him or make funny gestures). Do not be fooled by his outwardly mean exterior, he is acctually a nice guy, it just takes him a while to learn higher authority.
Marco keeps asking me questions, but he repeatedly insults me while doing so.

Marco is really good-looking but he keeps giving me dirty looks.
by The Girl Next Desk August 17, 2010
A small, shriveled penis; also smells like apple juice.
Girl 1: So how was the sex last night?
Girl 2: It was horrible. He had a real Marco. I still smell like apples!
by fire367 June 11, 2011
sasd (spiciness always smells delicious) boy.

baby brother in the SPICIEST family.


"family huddle, family huddle. no for reals guys, i'm so happy we're in the same family. no for reals."
"damn that boy is fine and SOOO marco."
by gracehannahpoonchang January 08, 2010
(n) - An asshole that usually thinks they are the greatest person ever created. One who talks way to much and uses talking as their only defense mechanism.
Shut up and fight me, stop being such a Marco.
by CDEFM April 20, 2011
A ruthless heart breaker when it comes to women but a decent friend who loves to party with goats and other farm animals.
See House
"Marco totally broke up with me!"
"What ? me too !"
by Pb&J+me December 03, 2009
vi. - 1. to provoke, through not fault of one's own, the worst possible reaction from someone. 2. to cause someone to react in a argumentative, defensive and childish manner 3. to be blamed for causing a situation by the person at fault.
I told my coworker I didn't appreciate him stealing my ideas and taking credit for them, and he told me I was being a jerk. I guess I marco-ed him.
by yoshinozoku February 04, 2010
marco, meaning being a fuck-up who fails first grade all the time. Over reacts to laughter and defends bitches such as people named anthony, because he loves their cock.
Marcos sucked anthony's cock in first grade, because he failed.
by nothin but the truth January 22, 2010