A Marcos is a very tall handsome, relatively mature, boy. He will often fall in love with you at first sight. He, not only, does not care about other girls, but will also do anything to show you that he choses you. Once he says "I want you." there's no turning back. So love a Marcos for he is true to you in many ways. Though he doesn't like it when you cry or put your self down.
Him: "I chose you and I only want you and no one else"
Me: "But you can have any other girl in the world, why me?"
Him: "I want you."
Me: "Ohh Marcos <3"
by AngieSix January 15, 2013
Guy who will persist on having sex with a girl for years and when he finally gets some will avoid her as much as possible. He can come off as a sweet guy but says many hurtful things. He also doesn't realize what he has infront of him. Theres also something about him that makes you want him really bad.
why doesn't he text me back? he is such a marcos
by tee layuh July 24, 2010
The best boyfriend in the world he is smart sweet and kind and I love him
My boyfriend is just a Marco and I love him
by Stood girl April 13, 2013
One of the greatest guys you will ever meet. Gentleman, and is very good at treating women with respect. Genuinely nice to everyone he meets, and is very forgiving. Usually the guy who plays pokemon like it's his religion. He's contemptuous, however not in a rude sarcastic way, but a funny sarcastic way. Has an incredible taste in music. Commonly tall, and athletic. Enjoys running. A Marco is a funny guy that you could joke with anytime. Always there to be a shoulder to cry on whenever you meet him. If you meet a Marco in your life, keep him there for as long as you live.
Did you meet that guy over there yet?

Yeah, he's a Marco for sure.

by ashley.c.s. November 10, 2013
A kind hearted guy. He always knows how to make someone smile and laugh. He is serious and knows how to defend himself when necessary. He can always make your day.
This is the best day ever!
Did a Marcos make your day?
by Dylan :* June 08, 2014
The most cutest guy ever. He may seem like a nerd but he has a caring heart. He will make you fall in love and lead you on but will come back. He loves video games. And he always makes sure his hair is okay
Girl 1:Hey girl, I just came back from my date and it was wonderful
Girl 2:you must've gone out with Marco

Girl 1:How'd you know
by Sosadbutinlove June 03, 2014
A mexican guy with sparkly brown eyes. Very intelligent and ambitious. Strong, hardworking, and talented. Doesn't smile very often but looks great when he does. Always watches out for his friends and is very kind to everyone.
Marco is such a great guy!
by themainbitchtt May 24, 2014

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