1. Life
2. Perverts (not geeks)
3. Drumline is hot.
4. a SPORT that takes up all your time.
5. A second home.
6. We basically have our own language that people outside of band don't understand...
7. hard workers (even woodwinds)
8. Best memories... ever.
9. Family
10. A group of people that get together and work harder than the football team.
Person 1: Wanna hang out Saturday?
Bandy: Can't; Competition.
P1: What about next saturday?
B: Can't, I have a 12-hour practice.
P1: Any Fridays?
B: nope, Football games.
P1: Dang you have no life..
B: Marching Band IS life..
by Lisa Bac November 16, 2008
~A collection of the most amazingly perverted people in the cosmos
Bob: Why did Mary Sue laugh when I was talking about my zucchini from cooking class?
Suzy: She is in Marching Band
by HerecomesTreble January 19, 2009
2.)Band room= your home
3.)Getting the latest gossip every morning after the 7 a.m. practice in the band hallway
4.)Hating the drum line and later realizing you can't march without them and they aren't that bad after all
5.)Going to school before the sun is up and leaving after it goes down
6.)Knowing that everything you say will be taken the wrong way
7.)THE BAND BUS!!!!!!
9.)Practice=Not so Fun
10.)Having a Director that thinks wearing only Hawaiian tee-shirts is a good thing even in the dead of winter
11.)Feeling bad for the freshman that sign up for the bus with the color guard and come off it coughing do to the hairspray and sparkles
12.)Being the only kids in school that can say "One time at band camp.." and are not making a movie reference
13.)Hate it while you're in it and miss it when you're done
14.)Don't mind changing in front of a ton of people
15.)Having weird nicknames like Wsssteve (the w is silent...sometimes) just because you can
The Band room Tuesday morning after Marching band practice. Tom: "Did you hear that Wsssteve stole the drum line bear." Kelly:"Yeah he had it with him on the band bus." Tom:"Hope he gives it back or the drum line might boycott the next competition."
by Alice=TheTromboneisAwesome!!!! November 26, 2010
Marching Band = Life

The greatest friends you will ever have. The most amazing people you will ever meet.
Marching Band is the most fun you can possible have with your friends.

Band Bus = Only place you can be tired and hyper at the same time.
Your social life from Summer to the end of Fall.
Common Phrases
1. Band Ten Hut!
2. Roll Your Feet!
3. Toes HIGHER!
4. Drumline, take a lap.
5. Mellos, you get a waterbreak first.
6. Colorguard, smile smile smile!
7. Woodwinds, we can't hhhheeeaaarrr yoooouuuu!!! (j/k)
8. This is MARCHING band, not WALKING band!
10. Stop talking and drop and give me 20. When we leave this practice we will either be better or we will be stronger.
11. Halftime IS Gametime
12. Maybe a few hours of staring into the sun will help you remember your sunglasses at tomorrow's practice.
"Hey, Can you go to the movies Friday?"

"Nope, I have to go to the game. Halftime show."

"What about Saturday?"

"Can't. Marching Band Competition."


"Sorry. Resting from the competition."
by Mellogirl November 21, 2006
the greatest thing ever invented on this earth. its godly. its a sport. love it. you can't hate it.
Hey. Watcha doing tonite.
Marching Band.
Its occupying your time
by drumlinegirll February 24, 2010
The Life of Football games, Awesome Musicians; Coolest people you'll ever meet.
"I can't wait to go to the game, the Marching Band's Awesome."
by Homie BG. September 07, 2009
1. Band geeks have the most fun!
2. meet the most amazing people
3. plays the most amazing music
4. amazingly awesome band camp in the summer!
5. we are such a huge family!
6. we have the most fun in the entire school!
7. we always look out for eachother
8. letterman jackets that say "marching band" or "drumline" (like mine ;D) on the back are just plain awesome
9. we make those uniforms look sexy!
10. did i mention that we have the most fun out of everybody??
11. the band directors are sometimes very sexy
12. you just might find that one person that you will love forever..... <3
Random Kid: "hey, what are you doing this friday night? wanna go see a movie?"
Me: "you may be sexy...and i would love to go out... but there is a football game, and i have marchin band, which is 10x cooler then you will ever be!!"

Boyfriend: "Hey, you look super sexy!"
Me: "Awww, thanks! i guess this marching band uniform really brings out the color in myeyes!"
by PERCUSSIONGEEK! January 23, 2012

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