A mission with no distractions; straight line (point A to point B).
"What sounds real good is Taco Bell. No bullshit. It's a march."

"Word, son. Let's roll."
by XBronicastroX April 15, 2009
A boring town, in east anglia, England. Filled with Charity Shops.
Shops typical opening hours in march;
(Lunch Midday-3pm)
March is completely, flat. No hills, no ramps, no slopes. But many many parks. Basically, a backwards town, with NOTHING to offer. But filled with a lot of nice people. (except those in the prison)
A town SO boring, that even the PUPILS of the community college go on strike.
person 1-Wassup Darlin?

person 2-Not much, been up March town. Biked up there. Went to a charity shop.

person 1-Lame
by qwertypoi August 25, 2008
A Town in fenland, Cambridgeshire
Filled with chavs and retards
Legend from Whittlesey 1 - What do you think of march.
Legend from Whittlesey 2 - It's a shithole
by Legendofthefens2 March 04, 2009
a guy who likes to suck guys off for bologna sandwiches, but most of the time just for fun. he is hung like minnie mouse, but flaunts as if hes hung like ron jeremy.
guy 1: oh my god do you see that guy sucking that dude off?
guy 2: yea, he just totally pulled a march.
by xielynn October 20, 2008
(v.) A steady, disiplined walk.

(n.) The third month accordign to the gregorian calender, that takes hold of the 60th-91st days of the year.
March is a stupid month. August is better.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 19, 2004

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