Pronounced "may-pah" it is a verb as in to mape, or mouth rape, or when one individual forceably makes out with another, usually involving the tongue. Sometimes this person is too polite to protest, usually with slimy and unpleasant tasting consequences. This is usually preceded by an incredibly lame pick-up line and followed by interesting dialogues in the girls bathroom.
Beth leaned over the toilet, spitting out Jim's saliva.
"OMFG!" cried Sara, who heard her from the adjoining stall, "did the bastard mape you?"
"Yeah, we were dancing for like a minute cuz i thought it was kinda funny that he looked exactly like the Shermanator, he said I looked like Pamela Anderson, and then next thing I knew he giving me a mouth woopy, smothering my screams of protest!"
"Dayum... did he slip the tongue?"
"Yeah and now I'm literally scarred for life... hes a real tongue biter!"
"Ew..but kinky."
by dimplexcore May 04, 2006
4 legged fuck. knuckle walking. the act of sticking a stick in an ant hill in an attempt to collect ants on it to eat. man or ape aka eric fuschino
stop maping around. mape get your un-evolved ass over here
by Ben James January 29, 2003
A smaller version of motorbike, light weight and cheap. Often used by kids in their lower teens fjortis , who thinks it might approve their status in the neighborhood. (Often with no effect...)
They usually burn with their own måpe outside nearest fast-food place, looking for horny fjortisar (Fjortis => pl. Fjortisar)
Shoo leen, look at my new måpe that i just gave a turkish trim!
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
(v.) the act of a male forcing a woman down the isle and marrying him.

Etymology: Combination of Marriage and Rape.
That bum maped my sister.

I'm going to mape that bitch so she's stuck with me forever.
by Sam Nelson November 20, 2003
A characteristic of someone or something otherwise defined as "ghetto." Things that will define someone as "mape" would include: cheap afros, poor, live in slums, smoke weed, dirty clothes, ebonics; all of which are associated with black people.
"Look at that mape!" said Jeremy, as he pointed and laughed at the black guy with the dirty afro.
"That shirt is really mape..." said Chad, pointing at a crappy Mecca brand T-shirt.
"I hope a mape doesn't steal my bike..."
by Chris Sundberg August 13, 2005
The action of a queued up undesired command in Pro-evolution soccer. May result in a D-mob.
Damn! I got the ball but mape'd it back to the opposition!
by Homerdave April 10, 2007
Used as an endearment. Similiar to babe, honey, sweetheart.
I love you so much mape.
by Jimmy Giant January 30, 2005

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