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Pronounced "may-pah" it is a verb as in to mape, or mouth rape, or when one individual forceably makes out with another, usually involving the tongue. Sometimes this person is too polite to protest, usually with slimy and unpleasant tasting consequences. This is usually preceded by an incredibly lame pick-up line and followed by interesting dialogues in the girls bathroom.
Beth leaned over the toilet, spitting out Jim's saliva.
"OMFG!" cried Sara, who heard her from the adjoining stall, "did the bastard mape you?"
"Yeah, we were dancing for like a minute cuz i thought it was kinda funny that he looked exactly like the Shermanator, he said I looked like Pamela Anderson, and then next thing I knew he giving me a mouth woopy, smothering my screams of protest!"
"Dayum... did he slip the tongue?"
"Yeah and now I'm literally scarred for life... hes a real tongue biter!"
"Ew..but kinky."
by dimplexcore May 04, 2006

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