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"Man-oote" :

What to call a guy if he is macho but still cute.
The manly version of cute.
Girl - "oh my gosh he is so manute!

Another girl - "he is one of the guys but he does really manute things when we're alone."
by compuglobalhypermeganet February 09, 2015
A manute is a minute or a moment during which a man finds himself doing something for no reason other than because he is a man.

This term was coined by 'Abdullah Hamzah Shari'ati.
For example: A man finds himself, just after coming out of the shower, making goofy faces in the miror for a minute or more....a man minute; a manute.
by Seven Feathers February 11, 2012
A manute is a unit of time, often found in the injury time of Manchester United games. A manute can vary in length, usually depending on how long it takes the team to score a winning goal.
Man 1: 'The amount of injury time in that game was ridiculous.'

Man 2: 'What do you mean? The full three manutes were played.'
by Steve Mi August 20, 2011
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