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This white trash town is the epitomy of a black hole mentality. People never leave this town and if they do they always come back. Meth mouth and mullets rein supreme in this joke of a town. Guys even if they're 40 wear logo tee's tight jeans and try to look skater, yet hipster. The women aren't worth mentioning. These po dunk town folk enjoy celebrating towny fests such as: The Potato Fesival, where they crown a total fatty as the Potato Festival Queen. Also the Ox Roast, where white trash and hillbillies gather from all over to enjoy shitty food, warm beer and of course meth mouth and mullets.
The hipster at the bar had wicked meth mouth.

Mullets are very Mantuaish.
See the girl with the cankles? She's the Potato Festival Queen.
by bootyrknevrywr May 15, 2011
Having a small penis.
"that poor guy...got hooked up with a mantua"


"Mitch never let his mantua get in the way of his love life"
by Moonroach October 26, 2004