A little very lasy creature who has sudden attacks of headache's
He how's the site coming along
by Guess :) April 08, 2003
A gay dude who wears a lot of bird shirts and walks like a praying mantis. This person is also known to grossly over-exaggerate everything.
Jeff: Hey, check out my new bird shirt. I got it at Express because it has a bird on it, and I liked the color.
Kris: Um, nice.
Jeff: Feel this fabric.
Kris: Uh, I can’t dude. I sprained my finger playing Halo.
<Later that night>
Jeff: Hey Logan, did you hear that Kris broke his collar bone in a bar fight last night?
Logan: You are such a mantis.
Jeff: Cassandra’s left nipple is purple. :(
by Laura Conroy November 01, 2007
a word to describe something cool or of excitement
pfft....dude thats mantis

im really mantis
by walter March 15, 2005
he is gay!xD
He is such a Mantis
Meaning:he is gay (and small)
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
lil gay bastard
<Mntz> love you Wazzie :x
<Wazzie> love you mntz
*Mntz hugs Wazzie
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
Football player of epic and amazing awesomeness.
"Dude, did you see Manti's highlight video on youtube?"
"Yeah, man, he's nutz!"
by punsfootballfan September 14, 2008

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