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To trim male pubes back to a reasonable bush.
Oh man my pubes kept getting stuck in my fly so i did a little manscaping
by josh&jesse June 17, 2008
138 104
"I have no idea what this is"
- Jonathan Goldsmith
Even the legend himself has no idea what "manscaping" is.
by JustinBiebersucks July 04, 2010
127 97
A word used to discribe the shaving of a Males pubic /chest/ and back hairs.

-Its pronounced like Landscaping but with a (man) instead of (land).
I got my manscaping done this evening, before she came over for the midnight snack.
by Blake Shizzle March 03, 2011
35 23
1) Cleaning and grooming the genital area of a man

2) An essential part of any gentleman's - or horny guy's - life

3) Derived from "landscaping" that alters the appearance of land; manscaping alters the appearance of the male genitals
1) "I don't just shower; I manscape. No one likes Bin Laden balls!"

2) "Of course I do a lot of manscaping. She's not going to go down on me if she can't find the tree for the fucking forest!"

3) "Isn't it strange that you'd spend thousands on making your back yard look nice; but you won't spend twenty-bucks on a razor to shave the winter coat off your balls!"
by thedude1963 April 20, 2013
7 3
the art of trimmings one's pubic hair.
I caught a wicked razor burn while i was manscaping.
by Hicksteroozen August 18, 2008
75 74
The act of trimming or shaving the male pubic region
"What're you doing?"
by Kymbella November 11, 2013
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Manscape, -ing (v).

1. The male act of shaving, trimming or grooming one's body hair other than facial.

2. Offering free lawn services in order to woo a woman or women.
1. "Dude, you shave down there?"

"Hey man, there's nothing wrong with manscaping."

2. "Hey, weren't you mowing her lawn?"

"She replaced me with some guy willing to do it for free so he can get a chance at her."

"Oh, that probably won't last for long. I doubt manscaping will help him."
by kid2will October 16, 2013
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