A girl or guy who acts gay but really isn't.
Also search for metrosexual
Oh my god, that girl is such a mansbian. -Snicker.-
by Psh right February 26, 2006
Top Definition
A lesbian in a man's body.
Bette: Have you dumped "Lisa" yet?
Alice: Christ; he's the most sensitive mansbian I've ever met! I don't think he's ready for the rejection.
by Alyse T. October 07, 2009
a very womanly man or a very manly woman.
hey dude is that a man or a woman....?

..... thats a mansbian.
by cookie crumb April 23, 2009
A male that is heterosexual but has all the emotions and mental capacity of a woman. In extreme cases, over complicating the most simple situations. Lacking in masculine social skills, confused on why women don't get them, and % 100 guaranteed to fail in any dating environment.
"Did you hear that guy rambling about how women don't get him and he cant find a date on Tinder?What fucking mansbian!"
by Dr.Mansbian October 08, 2014
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