The Hitler of metal.

These guys seem to want to rule the metal world with an iron fist, dictating what all metal should be like, look like, and sound like. Not allowing any free thinking at all. No, everything HAS to sound the same. If it's black metal, it's false. If it's modern, it's false. This is exactly what their mindset is. They seem to forget that music is an ART form, and as such, the artists can do whatever the fuck they want with it. But no - instead they act all Hitler-ish and say that their metal is "true", and nothing else is.

Yet, these guys make an absolutely horrible impression of what "true metal" should be. Most of their songs just use the same riff and chord patterns, the same recycled lyrics, and the only talent present in the whole band is in the guitarist WHEN he does the solos. Eric Adams can't sing worth crap, and the drummer - please. "Drums of Doom??" What kind of idiot came up with that? Just because you can bang on your drums really hard doesn't make you talented. Get that through your head.

It's ok to sing about metal. It really is. I'd love songs like that. But these guys take it too far. They have to say that there's "true metal" and "false metal." They have to say that only SOME metal is acceptable and most of it isn't. Why not just accept all metal for what it is - the best music in the world? Why not just appreciate all of it? And most of all, why do you even take out your anger on the SAME genre of music as the one you like??

What is worse, however, is that they've even gained a following of "Manowar nazis," better known as metal elitists. These people go around calling others who don't listen to the "loudest band in the world" posers, ranting up a storm about how any band that plays exceptionally louder, heavier, or growls their vocals is "fake", and that the only acceptable bands are ones that sprung up before the 1990s. The sad part, however, is that the only bands they could name most of the time are Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, and of course, Manowar. People like this make the entire metalhead community look like a bunch of idiots, fighting among themselves over stupid things such as what bands they listen to.

Who cares about Slipknot? Who cares about System of a Down? They're not my favorite bands ever, but I don't go around yelling at people if they want to listen to them. It's their choice, and it's the music they like. You CAN'T change their musical taste, and you CAN'T change their opinion. AND, your opinion is NOT supierior to theirs. Shut up.

Manowar nazis don't want to look past the 80s for their music, which means they miss out on much better power metal bands than Manowar, such as Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Angra, Rhapsody of Fire, etc. These bands have much more talent than Manowar, and can play songs that don't use the same chords over and over, or the same lyrics, or the same cheap sound effects. They don't have to talk about "steel", "the kingdom", or "fighting" in every single song to be good.

I wanted to like Manowar. I really did. But as long as they hold this Nazist belief of metal, I never will.
Typical Manowar lyrics:

"Ohhh!! Fight! For the kingdom!!! I have steel!! Steel in the kingdom!! And I fight! Fight! Fight! Fight with steel! Fight in the kingdom! Fight in the kingdom that has steel!!"

"Warriors!! True metal!! True metal warriors that are true!! Bloody blood of true metal on my hand! It's so true metal! Let's go, true metal dudes! True metal!! YEAAAAA!!!"
by SomeBadJOKE March 01, 2007
A large dildo, usually seen on websites such as

Tends to be around 20" x 5" in size.

Is what the band was named after.
Her cunt is HUGE, fuck dildos. She'll need a manowar for that shit.
by Vaginal- cream pie October 05, 2006
The most disgraceful group of dickheads in Heavy Metal music, if you want to even label ManOwaR has Heavy Metal. Their stupid fans call them 'Kings Of Metal'?! How blasphemous can you get?! Just because they're loud. So what? Van Halen and Guns 'N Roses are loud, but are they 'Metal'? No, they are 'Hard Rock'. Volume does not make you more or less 'Metal' than the next band! Heavy amplifiers are just the tip of the iceberg! Eddie Trunk is a dumbass for praising them as more 'Metal' than any other band!! Their lyrics suck too, because they are cheesy and sloppy!
"The man on the T.V. said we got lotsa trouble overseas, well what the hell
do I care?" What the fuck! Below mediocre. ManOwaR really needs to be 'De-Metalized' once and for all!!
ManOwaR fan: "Hail and kill! My brothers! I want to fuck men!! I wan't to swallow swords and drink venom!! I'm gay! Hooray!!

by Fucko The Clown April 26, 2007
Group of totally gay man that like to take photos with nipples out.

oh, and thay sing too.
in perfect gayness.
Bob:"Hurra! got the new cd of manowar! yay!"

John:"OMG, dude, you got a penis stuck in your anus!!"

Bob:" I know! *smiles*"
by Dicky July 01, 2005

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