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Something that in Power Metal you either fight with, fight for, are made of or many other verbs when the songwriter is too lazy to come up with something original (Manowar).
Fighting the demons with steel in hand! With a heart made of steel for the steel in the land. Yeah!
by zoooooooom January 15, 2007
Common name for the abandoned buildings of Bethlehem Steel on the banks of the Lehigh River in B-hem.
Yo, man, did you hear about Ethan? That guy got busted trespassing at The Steel.
by Southsidex3life August 24, 2007
1. (imp. noun)Police officer; law enforcement officer. Can be used to describe City, County, State, Federal or Military officers or enlisted personnel. Arguably could be used to describe police explorers.

Believed to originate from the connotation of steel used to describe military armor.
"Ditch the skate, man, gotta run it's the steel"
"The muthafuckin steel pulled me over"
by B dubya June 21, 2006
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