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To deprive a Heavy Metal band of its dignity, artistic integrity and credibility! Any certain band deserves to be 'De-Metalized' if their music is too humorous, sentimental, romantic, cheesy or has deviated from their original core sound and have opted for commercialism instead! You can 'De-Metalize' a Metal band only if they have sold-out. You can do this by ranting disrespectful remarks towards them amongst fellow 'Metalheads' who also despise a certain band (further ruining the bands reputation!) or by posting your own definitions on urbandictionary of what bands must be 'De-Metalized'! If the band became a bunch of sellouts they've practically 'De-Metalized' themselves!! All the Glam bands (Quiet-Riot, Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt etc.) from the Sunset strip should all be De-Metalized, because they were never 'Metal' to begin with!
Fake Metalhead: "I'm gonna go home and listen to some ManOwaR and GWAR! They're so cheesy and funny!!

Real Metalhead:....."Are you serious?!?! Those bands are jokes and they suck!! ManOwaR and GWAR really need to be De-Metalized!!

Fake Metalhead: "Fuck you, if you don't like them!!"

Real Metalhead: "Dude, take your Fake-Metal and shove it up your ass!!"
by BlackenedKnight May 10, 2007
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