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Pronounced "Abcusing"
The act of abusing the queue-function in media players in annoying ways. Most abused is the useful queue function in spotify.

Usual types of abuse:

1. Queuing five or more tracks in a row, or queuing two or more tracks of the same artist at once. (Queue-Hogging)
2. Queuing your track, and then placing ahead of previously queued songs. (Queue-Cutting)
3. Immediately playing chosen track, discarding queue. (Queue-Screwing, or bitching)

There is also Queue-Raping, where one queues a track inappropriate or mismatched to the rest of the queue, but this is more of a social failure than actual abuse of queue.
"Felix queued 7 slipknot tracks, Oscar put his stupid trance crap at the top of the queue and then marcus screwed the queue with his damn college-rock. Everyone is abquesing tonight!

Detailed Examples:

1: "Dude, there is like fifteen manowar tracks in here, who's the queue-hog?"
2: "Britney spears? What happened to my MGMT track? Damn queue-cutters..."
3: "What happened to the our music? Marcus did you queue-screw again?
4: "Stop raping the queue dude, nobody wants to hear cannibal corpse at a sit-down dinner..."
by Shiprat February 09, 2010
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