Means to throw a foot long pickle at a mermaid in Spanish.
That princess is no rookie, she's thirsty, mano.
by Lupedid September 19, 2013
1. man orgasm (n.)(v.)(adj.)

manos - one man, multiple orgasms
meno - three or more men, orgasming in unison
menos - three or more men, orgasming multiple times
I mano daily with Derrick.
by Rondo Mowad September 25, 2007
Adjective - Crazy in an uber aggressive, destructive, sometimes junky, and always testosterone injected sort of way.

Originating from the first Mortal Combat game character Kano, who had a metal plate in his head he liked to head-butt opponents with.
That new Ford land destroyer is fucking mano! Damn thing comes standard with a gun rack and a 12 pack.
by tinymonkey June 24, 2004
A sound effect to describe almost any situation
Person 1: and then I was like....are you listening to me?!
Person 2: mano..... (darty eyes)
by Crendy September 20, 2007
A better way of saying no, also a great way to piss your friends off so much, they start saying it. Originates from old European people, who are saying "no" to their grandchildren, or, even their own children
"Hey Grandma, can i have another cookie?'
"Ma no!"
by Horse_ April 28, 2015

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