can often be used in a contradicting way, where a girl is very tiny, skinny, and weak
Dang, that girl is so MANLY (one who is five feet tall, 80 pounds, and is a high school student)!
by PEACEMAAN. March 04, 2010
The ability to father children of a different race.
"That black guy with twenty white daughters is totally manly"
by Capronicus March 25, 2009
A word once usedto describe something great. All things previously described as such are great, but all things described post-now are not great, unless the use of manly is inadvertent. See also The Derek-Ness
(Previously) The Punisher is so fucking manly.

(Now) The Punisher is so fucking manly. Oops, I mean awesome.
by Derek December 29, 2004
Gorgeous beach in Sydney, Australia
Let's go to Manly on Saturday
by anon February 24, 2004
manly - to neglect yourself, self-neglect
i dont need food or sleep, IM A MAN! <---uber manly
by eva.slayer March 06, 2006
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