A person of unfortunately stereotypical Mancunian attributes/fashion sense.
He looks a bit manky really.

i.e Liam Gallagher is well MANKY
by NEWAGECOWBOYS November 03, 2010
Top Definition
Referring to the level and quality of cleanliness of a surface. Pure mankiness is commonly observed in the hallways of a middle school, where children slide their sweaty hands across various bacteria-infested surfaces such as the gym-changeroom lockers, toilet bowls, and (most notably) the school phone, not to mention all while eating their cheese pizza they dropped on the floor a few minutes earlier.
1. Patti: Why aren't you eating your free hot-dog?

Jim: Have you seen the fund-raising kids who make them? They don't wash their manky hands before assembling.

2. After having sat in the schoolteacher's cupboard for two years, the remaining few gummy-bears at the bottom of their plastic tub had been thoroughly caressed by dozens of ninth-grade hands.
by goatgoat February 08, 2011
scottish word meaning unclean person or unclean act.
you just done a crap and didn't wash your hands, ewww your manky
by I P Freely November 28, 2002
dirty, unclean.
you haven't showered for days, you're manky.
by kerri February 19, 2003
Scottish slang word to describe a situation, person or object in a poor state of affairs. Commonly used in Scottish bars to describe the state of the toilets or glasses.
That fuckin bog is manky
Gary Glitter? he's a manky cunt
That bufty asked me tae dance. Manky fucker.
I went to T in the Park and my clothes got manky.
glasgow's a manky cunt of a place
by dc June 16, 2006
Foul, putrid, crawling, nasty, odiferous.
Your underwear, after three consecutive days use.
by Stuart September 10, 2003
Slang originating in London England but now widespread. Means something that is nasty or rank. Can also mean an unpleasant feeling.
"God I feel so manky this morning."
by Karl Steiger January 31, 2004
highly disgusting, really really really smelly. ugly, bad in general. horrible, nappy, normally refers to hair, odor, or ones appearance
What is that godawful manky stench about this room?
by danii curry January 16, 2004
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