noun: The flat beer (or sometimes foam) left at the bottom of a beer can or bottle. Sometimes used to describe over-used bong water.
adj: manky
(mid western US)
"Finish your beer, man." "Nah, nothing but the mank left."
"Man, you drink some manky-ass beer!"
"Change that bong water, dude, it's total mank!"
by Vandervecken April 25, 2009
a bad situation that involves body fluids. can also be used for a girl that is on her period
alright sarah, are you still on the mank
by Dr EW and Prof AWD from Yale April 04, 2009
To satisfy hunger in usually a ferocious manner
"Bruh I could mank chipotle so hard right now"
by The508Convict September 27, 2013
Man stank.
Baby, your mank smells really sexy today.
by Jah_Wordie October 12, 2011
Synonymous with taking a dump
"Mate, I just had the biggest manks of my life"

"Where's Jonno?"
"Oh he's taking a manks, he'll be back soon"
by pyre2 September 25, 2011
play fight, boisterous play, non-injurous physical contest (verb).
This table leg was broken by you kids manking about!
by wobsy69 May 24, 2011
Mank is a lifestyle full of women, partying, and being a BAMF 24/7.
Example 1- - - Guy 1 : Man that guy just left with 5 girls!

Guy 2 : What a mank!
Example 2- - - Guy 1 : Chicks love that guy man.

Guy 2 : He's Level 6 mank.
by Batman1987 May 06, 2011

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