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The day celebrated by a man annually commemorating his first sexual encounter with his current sexual partner, which to him signifies the true start date of said relationship.
I was surprised with a gift of lube on my maniversary.
by Mace702 January 10, 2014
The anniversary of a guy becoming single. The celebration of a man getting his balls back.
Make sure you buy Paul some shots, it's his one year Maniversary!
by Echo5Lima March 20, 2012
A party with the bros to commemorate a year of broship.
Dude, Mark and I had our maniversary last night. We got wasted at the strip club and brought home some nasty hoes.
by aglifter October 11, 2009
When your wife lets you invite a lot of people over, watch football, and drink a lot of beer on your anniversary.
Sunday was my maniversary. The Lions won 35-28.
by RestoreTheRoar January 08, 2012