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A Better way (or codename) to say Mexican. When around a lot of Mexicans and you are talkin shit or just plain talkin about them, you use the word Manikin instead of Mexican. Pronounced like the word "Mannequin" (man-i-kin). It can also be used in plural form ex. Manikins.
Damn Look at all these Manikins on the Venice Metro Bus.

Wow!!! look at all those kids! Whose are those? I Think they're the black guy's. No!! They all belong to the Manikin in the Alligator tank top with a matching Ostrich skin Belt.

This is a Chinese restaurant right? If the doorman is Chinese, the servers are Chinese, even the guy who works the bathroom is Chinese, then why are there all these Manikins cooking in the kitchen.

I've been out of town for 3 months and WOW !! What a great job the Manikins did on the garden. They really know how to cut grass.
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by J Mendoza October 27, 2007
Manikin is a model of the human body, used for teaching medical or art students.It can also mean an insignificant individual that people treat like a slave, or a very short man.
I hit something with my car. I really hope it has a manikin because it was cut in half!(comedy)

This manikin is does not deserve to be treated with any respect!

Manikins often appear in children's stories.
#dwarf #midget #tich #mannequin #dummy
by stkaratz May 20, 2006
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