The greatest fruit known to mankind. People worship it as the food of the gods, and it can bring hapiness to anyone. It is impossible for someone not to love it. Go buy a mango, now.
Person 1: "Hey, what are you eating?"
Person 2: "Oh, a mango"
Person 1: "Give it to me"
by IStoleThePies February 03, 2015
Synonymous with dick/penis.

An nice way to tell some one they suck dick/eat dick
Go eat a mango
Alex eats mangos.
by ZergZergZergCheese November 20, 2010
In Argentina it means money, and it's also used as "dos mangos". That last expression means "very cheap"
Also known as morlaco, tarasca or guita
-How much does it cost?
-Almost nothing, it costs dos mangos

-Mom, please give me some mangos to go out tonight
-¡Ni loca! (No way!)

I started to work to earn some guita

Well, I think you got it...
by Santi Arg January 11, 2015
To replace "bingo".
When someone says something spot on or exactly right
When you find something you're looking for.
When you guess something correctly.

evolution of the word:
Bingo --> Bingo-Bango --> Bango --> Mango

best said smoothly rather than shouted.
searching for my keys... find them... "mango."
by Drop Bear March 29, 2007
A simple stupid asshat, loser, or lame. Sometimes I sed as a term of endearment to mean you're goofy or a goofball.
That dude is a fuckin mango.

Hahahaha you fuckin mango.
by Andersen with an E December 29, 2014
An Orange tasty fruit.

Stereotypically, Pakis or any other brown people are addicted to them and will have them with everything!
- Pakis fuckin love mangos! Look at him go!

- I went to the shop with my paki friend Sanjay. He bought mango concentrate juice, mango flavoured tango, mango fruit pastels and finally, a fuckin mango
by CurrymuncherRaj July 12, 2013
A pejorative term used to describe someone who reads more 'manga' than anything else, or just manga.
Ugh, I can't believe she's a mango!
What's that you're reading? Pffft, mango...
by polljumping June 30, 2005

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