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The act of riding ones bike with one foot, the other foot may be used to act as a force on the ground for acceleration.
Dude, look at that dude mango-ing!
by Mdindfinfdifn May 24, 2010
being excessively drunk
- Let's get MANGO!!!
- Last night, Sebastian was so damn mango, that he started yelling at those chicks at McDonald's
by cilliejean May 03, 2010
An expression which shows dissatisfaction with a complaining friend.

n. One who constantly demands a free pizza which is supposedly owed to him.
Mango: "Can we watch something else, I hate Scrubs."
Group: "Maaaannngooooo!"

Mango: "You guys owe me a pizza, I bought the last few"
by Brewheister February 12, 2010
A replacement for a cuss word
"Son of a mango!"
by mangogirl February 01, 2010
any women that is pretty as hell is considered a mango
i seen this girl at the club she was a mango.
by tru inc. January 23, 2010
Derrived from "Mang"

an alternative way to say "man" or "mang" used by ethnicities other than Hispanic ones, because they feel that they are much cooler than the Mexicans.
Mexican:"Hey Mang."
Asian:"Hey Mango."
Asian:"Yeah it's like mang, but cooler."
by Ajan Wok December 28, 2009
Complete relaxation, your own Nirvana
Yo man I'm reaching Mango

I'm soooo mango right now
by Rikupwr July 27, 2009