1.To strongly hold and grip the scrotum/pouch/sack with fairly excessive force. Can, at times, be done with a gently and caressing motiong; which would then be referred to as "semi-mangling."
2.Usually done to punish someone for their wrongdoing by applying pain to their testicular region.
David did a slaughering mangle to the friend next to him for flashing his balls.
by Randy Asakura April 22, 2004
what you bike does when it gets run over by a train
i was jus ridin along an my bike got mangled by a train!!!
by dave April 09, 2003
MAN-ANGLE, determines the masculinity of a man from the angle that has created from the legs in a sitting position
if three people are sitting in the back seat of a car, the most masculine person would be that who posses the greatest mangle.
#man #angle #masculinity #position #legs
by easyeddie2 October 10, 2011
A variation of the sexual "triangle" position in which two females simultaneously position themselves facing each other over a prostrate man's face and penis while kissing, the mangle is a similar triangle formed instead by three males. The term "mangle" is short for "man triangle". The male lying prostrate is referred to as the hypotenuse. A participant in the mangle is a mangler.
"Due to Andy's short height, he was the hypotenuse in an acute isosceles mangle last night."
#mangle #hypotenuse #mangler #triangle #sex positions #homosexual
by MacGregDogg September 28, 2006
1. A Victorian device used for drying clothes.

2. To wreck or distort by applying force to it. For example, a colleague at work frequently mangles the English language by trying to speak it.
1. "I say, Edward! Have you ran my bloomers through the mangle yet, what?"

2. "I would like one pint of biter peas."
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
An extreme outline of the male cock and balls hidding behind tight jeans.
Oh my, while he gave his lecture to the class did you see him trying to hide the mangle under his notes?
#dick #cock #penis #boner #wood #schlong #dong #balls
by TinaJoy January 06, 2008

Slang for the female reproductive organ. Also see "Cunt", "Twat", or "Fanny".
"Alright, did you handle her mangle last night?"

"Nah she was on the blob"
by rossuk May 03, 2005
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