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In a severe state of inebriation brought on by alcohol or drugs
by Toomuchflystyles February 07, 2011
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Noun, referring to a state of mind in which you have consumed too much alcohol and/or drugs and are now mangled, a.k.a. mangladesh.
One: You all right bro?

Two: Nah man, I took two smavs of krypto and a 750mL of the Goose to my nose...I'm beyond mangladesh right now.

One: Oh, shit!
by Joe Squirk March 25, 2007
A place where one would get mangled.
We got front row tickets to Mangladesh last night. Make that backstage passes!
by Pauly B May 09, 2005
When someone does way too much drugs and is fubared (fucked up beyond all recognition. Term comes from an unknown location off an island where a death chamber is visible if things get hyphie.
I was so fucked up and ripped that I was washed up on the shores of mangledesh.

Holy fuck man im fucked. i think i see the death chamber in Mangladesh.
by james463656356 May 20, 2008

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