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1. Mixture between the word Man (as in bro) and a name beginning with Ang/And (i.e. Angie, Andrea, Angel, Angelina, etc...)

2. A chill chick that's friends with madd biddies but still bros it out.
"Ang, you the Mange!"
by Devin_B October 04, 2011
one who is scruffy, usually idolizes merl haggard or waylon jennings, owns at least one of the following:
-Hank Jr T-shirt
-Confederate Railroad T-shirt
-Vince Gill T-shirt
-Oak ridge Boys T-shirt

If all are owned, he is the mangiest of the manges.

The God Father Mange will also have a Can Am 800 that cost more than the 5 cars he has sitting in his yard.
whats up Maaange?
Dang mange, your lookin rough!
that beard is gettin pretty mangey
by Cunnalingus010 December 29, 2011
Entanglement of the fur. Infected. Pussy.
Dude, your dogs got the MANGE!!!
by Cousin Otis October 12, 2002
a name for a female who acts more man-like than she does female. Can be used on other names like manastacia, manna, mangie, emanily....
"ur such a mange, mange"
by mangie! July 30, 2005
Jim Mangis see also fuckbag
Way to go mange, you peeled that sunroof right off the track.
by fatbacktim October 07, 2004
Somebody who has a odour of horlicks, oveltine, or another light malt refreshment
he smells like a manges
by CJ Paddy Davies October 28, 2007
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