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Any person from a town (as opposed to someone from the country). Meant offensively and aimed at those who have a twisted view of the world because they have spent all their lives in towns and therefore think they are superior to everyone else.

In towns, this word means something quite different. See most of the other definitions on this page.
Fucking townies driving through our village! Get a brick.
by Jarf October 09, 2003
One who enjoys the pleasures of the gash.
- I wonder why he finds it necessary to wear the same T shirt for two weeks.
- Because he's a complete gash lover.
by Jarf October 09, 2003
The act of fapping whilst dropping a massive deuce in such a manner so as to stimulate the prostate while the steaming log makes its way through the rectum.
I prefer to use bathroom spray right before I banana log.

Sometimes before I go out on a Saturday night, I get a good banana logging in to get me in the mood.
by jarf May 27, 2013
Place of thorough washing. No substitute for a shower really.
I wash thoroughly in a basin.
by Jarf October 09, 2003
To suck up, eat penis, behave in a ridiculous manner towards another person in the hope of some kind of reward. From the French 'manger' meaning to eat.
Mange mange mange!!
by Jarf October 09, 2003
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