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This can best be described by following the flow of water: From the shower nozzle, onto a woman's hair, down her back, through her buttocks, and into a man's mouth.
"I'm not hungry- I had a big mange this morning."
by Bean-o January 31, 2004
5 15
To purposely do sweet F A, fill in time, drag out a day at work.
lets jus mange,
What are yous doin? jus mangin'
by Mick June 15, 2006
2 14
A highly flexible expression. Can be used as a positive or negative. Can be used to describe the indescribable. Similar to "weird".
That was a totally mangey scene back there, I didn't know if I should puke or laugh.
by Vic April 12, 2005
8 20
1.(See "Bleurgh")
see "Bleurgh"
by Spongebob Spliffpants August 23, 2003
13 25
Japanese slang for female pubic hair.
She had so much mange, you couldn't find her manko.
by Mankosaurus April 20, 2008
6 19
To suck up, eat penis, behave in a ridiculous manner towards another person in the hope of some kind of reward. From the French 'manger' meaning to eat.
Mange mange mange!!
by Jarf October 09, 2003
9 22
Slang for edibility, food, or the act of eating.

Orgin:(French: Manger) French kids living on a boat with a majority of english kids for 300 days as they went around the world.
Ex: mmmm.. dude that looks mangey
Ex: Yo lets mob. I wana go mange.
Ex: Yo dog got any mange I can snag?
by M. Gust March 20, 2007
10 26