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Similar to wandering, but in a more absurd way. This can sometimes be classified as a condition---and happens to people who regulary pace back and forth in a room while engaging in a conversation with themselves and/or another individual. One who is wandering will be in a conversation with a group, but then with no hesitation will be (sometimes seen) in another group of random people either causing a comedic scene or escalating situation. Those who engage in mandering try to never cause harm, but just aimlessly walk into scenarios in a leisure manner with no fear of any consequences that may arise. They may get lost and not recollect where they had dissapeared off especially under a high level of intoxication.
Rob: Do you know where Bruce went off to last night?

Ted: Uhh you know he was probably mandering around and shooting shit with the locals.

Rob: Ha. Yeah prolly... that shithead! I couldn't get ahold of him and had to take a cab back
by Tucker3444 September 15, 2010
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