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Mandarin is the official language of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. It is wrong to call it Chinese, because there is another language in China, called Cantonese. They are not dialects of the invented "Chinese" language, but languages themselves. In China, there are many languages, Chinese Languages, but only one is official, and it is called Mandarin or "Putonghua".
Ezekiel: Hey, Luca! Where are you going?
Luca: Well, I'm going to my Mandarin lessons, so, I've gotta leave you 'cause I'm late!
by Ezechiel January 19, 2007
A language that is being used more often around the world, originating from China.
It is also pretty hard to learn.
Person #1: Have to go to my mandarin lessons. Bye!

Example 2

Person #2: Shit. My mandarin homework is so damn hard.
by Epicguyof1337 January 18, 2014
dying language. will not be spoken by anyone in 10 years. fewer people are speaking this language every day.
Person1: Hey, what chinese class are you taking?
Person2: I'm taking a mandarin class.
Person1: Did you know that mandarin is a dying language? You better jump ship before you'll be the only person left speaking it. You should take cantonese.
Person2: I thought cantonese was the language of the villager?
Person1: Thats a myth.
by Cantonese Guy July 22, 2009
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