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Utopia of stoners, and goaties.
lets go to mandan and get stoned at the rodeo.
by C&C420 November 27, 2009
The best fucking place ever. This place is directly west of Bismarck, which sucks donkey balls. Mandan is home to some of the most badass and sexy people ever. Such people include people by the name of James, who is writing this because he's pretty happy with where he lives because this place damn sexy. Yeah, a town is sexy. This town is so sexy, the term "Man" came from this town. Anyone who is manly at all came from this badass motherfucking place.
Person 1: Oh shit, look at that badass motherfucker!

Person 2: Damn that guy is manly as fuck!
Person 3: That dude must be from Mandan!
Mandanian: Hell yeah, bitches.
by manliestmanalive February 19, 2012
Shithole town in North Dakota. On the West bank of the Missouri River directly opposite Bismarck, North Dakota. Consists mostly of drunk Indians and meth heads.
Want to go to Mandan for the weekend?

Sure! I've always wanted to get knifed by a guy named after an animal and have my corpse hidden behind an oil refinery!
by Not From Mandan March 02, 2011
small boring town in north dakota
just across the river from bismarck
town consists mostly of bad drivers and crack dealers.
Lets go to mandan!

No way, i dont do crack.
by carlos5285043 April 09, 2008
qualifier; synonymous with nike; also an adjective as illustrated in the example
nike is a mandan
mandan nike is playing basketball
by glooteusmaximus March 03, 2007
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