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(sounds like it spelled). The religion consisting of Ian the messiah and the flying spaghetti monster, who has created everything in our world. Notable beliefs include: Thou shall not murder ,rape, steal, or play lacross. Also if thou wear crocks, thou shall be sent to the core of earth for an eternity.
Ian: I am the messiah of mandalism, we will except any followers, find our petition online.
Martin: Thank you messiah, your teachings have revolutionized my life.
by wowlookoverthere September 20, 2016
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-noun: The act of a male, clearly past the socially accepted age range for performing vandalous acts against society, committing such behavior and taking child-like enjoyment in such behavior.
Reynolds- " Dude my car got egged by these punkasses, but I got a look at em and they looked like they were pushing 40"

Mike- "Sounds like a case of mandalism to me"
by FreakoSuave March 01, 2010
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A term referring specifically to drawing on a male while he is asleep.
Anthony: Can you believe that ish on your face?
Dom: I know, it's straight mandalism. Now I have a five-dollar footlong on my face.
by pseudohumorcerebri October 26, 2016
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