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unwanted touching by another man
My boss just grabbed me from behind and massaged me. I felt so mandalized.
by timmy January 20, 2005
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when a woman stares at, objectifies, or puts her hands on a man who did not ask for it; the effeminite version of womanizing
"Sara loves to mandalize the construction workers when she walks to work every morning."
by Suzy M September 08, 2007
V. To manhandle AND vandalizing an object or individual.
"The jocks in the parking lot mandalized my car, so now its in the shop being repaired."

Jon mandalized our LA house after the fight.

The restroom was completely mandalized by the drunken dorm dwellers last night, they are still looking for the soap dispenser, and haven't cleaned the shaving cream outline of the penis on the mirror yet.
by Jwave October 23, 2005

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