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A male companion to a female. They can be seen together almost all the time. Usually they are dating.

Also known as an accessory
Cammie: "Hey Catie, wheres your Manccessory?"

Catie: "Oh he's in the bathroom.I'd be there, but.. I'm not a dude"
#male #companion #female #dating #accessory
by Rashinal September 15, 2009
Man accessories. The objects worn by the overbearing surfer or college-type dudes that really like to think they're chicks and sport necklaces, "cuffs" (really just big bracelets) and other completely unnecessary apparel just to convince the chicks of how earthy and hot they are.
see Scott Michael Foster and all his manccessories on the show Greek.
#accessories #acessories #acesories #man acessories #man accessories
by Fuzzybunyslippers June 09, 2009
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