A person who is really fat, and can't seem to get any girls. A very desperate person. DORK
For example, A person who gets rejected by a girl and right that same minute he goes to the next girl and gets rejected over and over again. While thinking he is in love with them all. A real moron!
by Vaibhav Patel May 05, 2005
Top Definition
A gujurati way of saying very cool and "hip".
Cool guys are such manans!
by Russell Peters November 22, 2004
gujju word for "awesomeness"
Just_another_joe: HOW on earth shall I ever repay you?

Omniscient_one: There is no price for manan
by hulkaa September 14, 2008
Sanskrit word for meditation.
Manan loves salad tossing ballack. Manan does a lot of meditation with his penis.
by PoppyShah July 03, 2010
A fat Indian or Brown person
Look that brownie hes such a Manan
by Koop daddy 95 April 13, 2011
any idian who plays guitar very well but never gets the girl he wants....sometimes gets screwed over for a cowboy

also any person who will never have sex and punched ben in the face for cold fishing him
wow monica sure broke manan's heart but its ok cause he hit ben
by Samson January 26, 2005
A disease which causes severe weight loss and annoyance. It may cause neglection from others, there is no cure for this disease except death. May also cause shrinking of the male genital areas.
Manan: yo i think ive got manan,man.
Fash: oh shit man, ur fukd..
Amish: shit manan, ur so skinny (middle finger)
Asif: aha! lol
Manan: ha ha
Amish,Fash,Asif: Shut up manan! (in unison)
by Timbaland November 19, 2003
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