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Comes from the combination of: "Man" and "Analyze" to form "Manalyze"
For one man to check-out another guy, in a non-homosexual man to simply see if he has any competion with the ladies or if the man is a threat.

Note: Manalyzing can only be applied in a non-homosexual way. The action of manalyzing should only be done with a simple glance, and staring could result in people accusing you of practicing homosexuality.
John: Why did you just look at that guy over there?

Jack: Just manalyzing, dont want him to go after Casey over there.

(Manalyzing = to Manalyze)
by Manalyzer93 April 13, 2009
The act of a homosexual man checking out another male.
Straight guy: "Dude, did you see the game last night? Dude? You there..? Hello...?"
Gay guy: "Sorry, what? I was just manalyzing that hottie over there."
Straight guy: "What? Oh. Do you ever manalyze me?"
Gay guy: "No, you ugly."
by Manalyzer May 22, 2011

When a man asks another man or a group of other men how looks before going out or getting ready to party. Usually used by hetrosexuals
John: Hitting the bar soon, manalyze me bro!

James: Lose the hat dude you look like a tool.
by Johnny_Uh4h July 11, 2011
Man+analyze. To sit around and dissect every little thing a guy says/does/thinks/etc.

After her date, Holly was perplexed by the guy's actions. She called her best friend and said, "Come over, I need to manalyze."
by Hollydoll85 May 09, 2007
using a male friend to decode something your boyfriend/husband said or did.
I called Jeff to manalyze why my boyfriend freaked when I met his mother.
by Katie 1979 August 07, 2009
(Adj): To check out an attractive female from head to toe.

A man analysis.
Hey Jim, have you should manalyze the hottie at twelve o'clock?
by BleedingInkblot July 29, 2009