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A game played with two dowels and a rag (preferably a thin yellow fabric that falls slowly). The object of the game is to maintain control of the rag by swishing it through the air so as to prevent the opponent from capturing it with their dowel, either for a set period of time or until one or both sides tire. It is played with a stance similar to fencing.

Variations of the sport include:

Drunken Man-Tag, where both parties spin around 15-20 times before attempting to control the rag.

Cross-Country Man-Tag, where the sport is carried through several rooms, or even outside.

Searching on Facebook will yield groups with official diagrams for the sport.
“It seems kind of silly, swishing a rag through the air with a wooden dowel, but with a name like Man-Tag, you can’t go wrong.”

“I almost got my eye poked out playing Man-Tag."
by DolphinWhale November 13, 2009
When a man placed his nut sack on anothers body with force and shouts "MAN TAG!!"
Denny placed his sac on dune and yelled "Man Tag"

Denny enjoys man tagging

denny man tagged the camera.
by Melisakeli February 10, 2009
Man –Tag \ noun \ a ritual of adolescent males used to demoralize their friends and proclaim their superiority through flatulence.

Yes, man-tag is a real thing.
by Kylan Quick November 30, 2007
Man –Tag \ verb \ the act of placing the anus in close proximity of another person with the intent of collision, then excreting flatulence at the moment of contact, followed by a victorious exclamation of triumph, expressed by using the phrase “MAN – TAG!”

I'm going to Man-Tag Tom in the face.
by Kylan Quick November 30, 2007
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