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A person who trys to be part of a group of people, but obviously isn't. They typically will do crazy favors for people such as buy them things as requested just to get attention and/or to feel like they are cool. Sort of like a creeper
"Damn, that kid is defiently the "Man Of The Hour" he fuckin hangs around us all the time and I heard he bought "so and so" a pair of new shoes last week.
by Tyler Albers December 07, 2005
A person who is in the center of attention for a specific reason.
Agent LaRoche to Rigsby: Ah, the man of the hour!
by Reza15043 October 25, 2012
An awsome show on idobi radio, hosted by Simple Plan's guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre, and merch/camera man Patrick Langlois. They talk about random stuff, and play awsome music. They commonly refer to the show as MOTH. They ROCK!
Girl: Hey did you listen to Man of the Hour on thursday at 8:00pm?
Boy: Yeah. It was GREAT!
by MOTHlover June 12, 2007
Being a Man who lasts at least an hour in the sack.
Yo dude, last night with Lafaunda.... I was the Man of the hour.
by Mic Springfelt July 01, 2005