To take responsibility for your selfish actions, reflect on the consequences, and make an effort to make things right through words and actions.
Why are you sexting me? I'm pissed at you, and will be until you man up.
by accident-prone August 28, 2010
originally used in context to video games in which, if a player's character was on the verge of death, one would shout to the player to "man-up." has elvoved into meaning "stop being a big wussy baby."
Dude, stop crying and man-up! (or)

Tony: Dude, can we take a break from the Wii? My hands are cramping?
Ralph: Man-up, wuss!
by SUPER-AWESOME-MAGIC November 29, 2006
An uplifting imperative, derived from the saying "be a man about about it" - to grow a pair, to stop being childish, to stop complaining etc.
This saying can be used in many situations.
1) 'C'mon Gareth, man up! There's no time for tears in this day and age.'
2) After some hurtful comments from a female colleague, Gareth turned to Jimmy for advice. Jimmy said "Grow a pair and man up!"
3) 'Gareth is acting so childish - he needs to man up'
by meandmyfufu January 26, 2011
When a man is being a little sissy boy blaming others for his problems and lying about the truth.

Action verb: To Start acting like a real man.
Dude, you need to Manup to the truth and accept responsibility for your actions.
by joyle March 27, 2008
when a pansy-ass MAN is acting out of his job description and needs to be put into place.
"...stop acting like a little girl and man up, fool."
by Marvin June 27, 2003
v. To act in accordance with established masculine roles in a given situation, implying courage and responsibility. Usually used in the imperative, the term is a favorite of police who want suspects to incriminate themselves. Ironically, advice to 'man-up' is usually followed by a promise that it is the least painful alternative.
You signed for a package full of weed, now you need to man-up, and admit that you knew what was in it. It'll go easier for you with the judge.
by tom ballard, esquire March 02, 2009
strap on a pair, grow some balls, stop being such a complete and utter wuss.
"I can't.. believe.. she dumped me.. again! This is awful. I've been crying so much."
"Jeeeez. Man up!"
by AJ_legend February 23, 2008
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