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What happens when you ride 4 deep in the backseat of your friend's corolla, and get rear ended by an unattentive motorist.
So we were on our way to the football game, but some tool ran into us at a red light. It was my first experience in a man sandwich.
by Rosenboom August 14, 2007
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When two men (the bread) catch an unsuspecting victim (the filling) in between them and begin to squeeze. For the victim it's like being caught in a two way bear hug.
Jimmy: "Dude, Daniel had two of his ribs broken when Joe and Tim caught him in a Man Sandwich."

John: "Those two always hand out one brutal Man Sandwich."
by Timmy_222 May 18, 2009
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Three men in a bed.
Not necessarily gay. Almost always extremely open-minded heterosexuals.
Edgar's the filling in a man sandwich.
by TREWACKO October 21, 2007
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When you use all the lunch-meats in one sandwich.
-Who ate all the lunchmeat?!
-Relax, I made a man sandwich.
by Nirvalica February 13, 2010
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Man Sandwich (N.) When two men Squeeze themselves together against a woman making them a man sandwich. It is possible that you can have a double decker, but that would have to include 3 men and 2 women.
When you went into LaFawnda's room with Her and Tyree, did you three make a man sandwich?
by Jamaal March 21, 2005
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A threesome between two women and one man. Angel's threesome.
"Those two are down to make you into a man-sandwich."
by JamesBeans September 02, 2016
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