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A spin off of "carbohydrates," though these are usually eaten by bros. Additionally, they never are used in a negative context.
Bro 1: "Come on, dude, that thing is full of carbrohydrates!"

Bro 2: "Exactly. Now let me stuff my face, fool."
by SuperEboy July 09, 2010
The act of shifting a manual car to their highest gear and leaving it there regardless of how long it takes for the car to accelerate. The only time a bullshifter would shift down would be at the risk of stalling. Bullshifting is primarily a result of laziness.
Passenger: "Shouldn't you shift down? You're going freaking slow."
Driver: "Nah. I'm bullshifting."
by supereboy November 20, 2012
A fabricated person used to represent Jagermeister. "Mick Jager" is more commonly used as a subtle way to offer Jagermeister as payment for something.
Hey, would you lawn the yard for me? I hear Mick Jager is in town.
by SuperEboy July 07, 2010
1. To be entirely out of funds; even to the point that some might argue that it's insane how out of funds you are.
2. To not only be out of funds, but to know that your next incoming paycheck will be entirely dedicated to bills.
Person 1: Wanna catch a movie?
Person 2: Nah, man. I'm broke as a joke.
Person 1: It's cool, I'll cover you and you can pay me back next time.
Person 2: Appreciate it, but I can't. I'm two months behind on rent as well. I'm broke as bananas.
by SuperEboy December 24, 2012
A variation of chow down; Used to describe the rapid consumption of food by multiple individuals (usually siblings) during a family styled meal. Vulturing down ensures that you get the portions you desire before that food is depleted.
I planned on having ham for Thanksgiving this year, but it was vultured down before it even made it to the table.
by SuperEboy January 24, 2014
1. A brief instance when a person aggressively strikes at individuals in a group of people (or continually strikes the same person)
2. To have multiple sessions of aggressive, borderline violent sex.
1. Once Freddy found out I stole his yellow crayon, I got my ass handed to me. It was quite a pummelfest until he tuckered out.

2. On Valentine's Day, I could hear George and Sally-May having a pummelfest next door. It went on for hours and I'm almost certain they broke their bed.
by SuperEboy January 24, 2014
A sandwich which is made with the least amount of effort. These are usually barely even classified as sandwiches.
When I got home from the bar, I stumbled into the kitchen, grabbed some bread and made a lazy man sandwich. It had pickles and mayonnaise in it -- and that's it.
by SuperEboy January 24, 2014

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