Refering to sperm from a man.
Then I put a load of man-juice in her hair! Right on!
by Le Buk Sportif^ December 23, 2003
Top Definition
the "creamy filling" of your "man twinkie;" you know, jizz!
Women are evil cuz they try to steal your man juice!
by Da Nasty One June 17, 2003
Euphemism for semen, also known as man chowder, or gentleman's juice.
I bet she gets her fill of man juice!
by grasshoppers January 20, 2003
The noun form of ejaculate, or simply semen.
She's a man juice dumpster!
by WhatDidGhostSayToBeeBooBee June 04, 2005
Spunk ; jizz
she loves to swallow the man juice
by Sandaltron May 17, 2003
wonderful white and sticky, goes great on any woman's face
sash's man juice was showered all over chuck's face
by CWB March 07, 2003
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