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A weightlifting excercise in which the lifter lays down on a bench, with a freeweight in each hand, arms parallel to the floor, and makes circles of a very small diameter while slowly bringing the weights up until the two weights have as little separation without touching as possible, perpendicular to the floor.
Griffin: Man, I just did a Man Press of 75! I'm sweating like a beast!
Alex: Yeah but you can't open the doors to the man store yet. F***ing pansy.
by AFerraro September 18, 2008

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MANPRESS is the art of pressing your manlyness on any given thing and yelling MANPRESS i.e car,person,wall.
hey look ahha look aahahhahah look im going to manpress that old lady over there...." MANPRESS "
by ADAM ANARCHY January 12, 2006