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a store located in a chasm deep in the Himmalayas. Which can only be reached by riding an eagle and scaling a 900 foot tall brick wall with your bare hands. Once there you must man press 100 pounds.

Inside the man store there is a single aisle. This aisle, several miles long, contains all the mansentials; guns, knives, porn, beef jerkey, condoms, and inflatable Jessica Albas. There is also a library section, which contains 1 book. This book is 1 page long and made of solid lead. On this page all the mansentials are covered. The book is so large you need a spotter to read it.

There is also a nearby woMan store which sells everything a woman needs; lingire and cooking supplies.
Chad: Dude we should have a fucking feast!!!
Alex: Lets go to the man store and get some mansentials!
by griffin beltran June 11, 2008
A club with a majority of men who are of either gay or straight orientation where women of straight orientation or men of gay or bi-sexual orientation have the freedom to look about and "shop" for a desireable candidate(s) for said "shopper"
Eddie: Hey dude, you hear about that new club?
Ron: Yeah man, I heard it was a complete man store.
Eddie: But doesn't that mean there's a possibility of hawt babes there?
Ron: Yeah, but they'd probably look at the gay guys who are so much more like them.
by Vanillacuppycakes July 29, 2009
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