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n. A white liquidy substance used in sexual reproduction among homo sapiens. Aka, sperm.
Synonyms: semen, sperm, cum, man juice, facial cream, throat coater, jizz, gizz,
John: "yo dave, where were you last night?"
Dave: "I was busy spraying Mary's face with my man nog"
John: "You're the fucking man"

Jeff: "Dude, I saw your mom last night."
Steve: "Where at??"
Jeff: "Getting out of my bed, she was dripping with my man nog."

Sarah: "I love drinking a glass of man nog in the morning."
Elon: "You're a freak a leak sarah...but I'd give you some of my man nog."
by #Jamaica December 06, 2011
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Semen, ejaculate, the white stuff
I'm thinking of mixing up a batch of man nog
by John McCollum December 01, 2007
Male ejaculate comprised mostly of sperm, lubricant secretions, and fructose (suga)...biatches
Man nog is that shit when you cack on dat ho
by keith simms November 17, 2007
"Man nog"="baby batter" "liquid love"
She loves the taste of my Man nog.
by Master Gemini November 09, 2007

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