A man version of the term dime. Usually has a great look and an awesome set of veneers.
Rob: You're a man dime!
Drama: I am not a man dime!
#dime #dime a dozen #fantasy factory #big black #rob dyrdek
by Mr.Wipemedown April 13, 2011
One word, to be capitalized like a two word title, however, using a space between what appears to be two seperate words is strictly forbidden... A ManDime is the most complete form of the male human species known to date. He is the "total package." The term "dime" or "dime piece" has often been used to refer to the perfect woman a.k.a. the "perfect ten." A ManDime is the male version of the perfect ten. ManDime is the only appropriate term to describe such male superiority and perfection. Compared to the ManDime, all other human beings can be seemingly average or even boring. The ManDime is a gift to all those in his presence and should be treated as such.
Damn, look at those two ManDimes! Makes me wanna get crunk, go to the club, and dance!
#man dime #dime #perfect ten #perfection #dime piece
by Webster Aint Shit May 03, 2011
A extremely attractive gay man who is coveted by fellow men.
Oh wow look at that man dime he is so hot.
#man #dime #gay #homo #sexy
by Jevro January 01, 2012
A beautiful man that is better looking than most. Occasionally models/ acts. Know to overwhelm people with their stunning looks and obnoxiously well matched outfits.
Wow, that 22 is a Man Dime!!!!!
#gay-looking #trendy #metero-sexual #homo look-a-like #fag
by tgreen2011 April 20, 2011
Plural of man dime. An exclusive group to which it's members are very conceited and enjoy advertising themselves as man dimes. Members have mediocre looks and believe that they are total players, and they have chicks lined up to be with them. Members of the man dimes often take pleasure in playing basketball.
Keith: Hey Ryan are you a man dime?
Ryan: Frick ya man! I'm a prominent member of the man dimes.

Adrien: I don't know bout you but I've been dimin for quite some time now.

Ben: All the bitches want me.
#man #dime #men #boys #club #basketball #haters #players #chicks #bitches #swag
by DimesDimesDimes May 22, 2012
Originated in Season 4 Episode 2 of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, a man dime is the female version of a dime piece. This would mean that this man is a solid 10 out of 10.
Due to Drama's recent dental surgery, he now is a man dime.
#man #dime #chris #drama #pfaff #rob #dyrdek's #fantasy #factory #piece
by IcouldntThinkofAnythingCool April 12, 2011
A man who is a perfect 10. Dead sexy. A Greek God
Person 1: Did you hear that David Beckham and Brad Pitt are having a baby?

Person 2: Yeah. Definitely would fuck that baby. what a Man Dime
#sexy #god #ugly #dime #woman
by reeferdachiefer April 25, 2011
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