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Hindi word - 1) Actually a relation with one's mother's brother. Also called Mama ( not to be confused with Mama in english which is mother )2)Colloquially speaking ... Mamu means making an asshole out of someone. Like making a chutiya3) A jerk or a goofy character
That guy is an absolute ass-Woh Mamu hai I made a fool out of him-Usko Mamu Bana Diya
by Manishm777 September 25, 2006
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A very well endowed man. The biggest fish out of the sea men and the Shamu of the ocean. None bigger, faster, or stronger. Yet though he is dangerous and can break you in a second he is looked upon as the loving gentle giant. One who wins not only the hearts of the young but also the old and wise.

If you ever bump into him you wont be sorry.
"Damn Im no sailor, but that boi sure made me feel like I was riding those Tsunami waves last night.

I almost swallowed my tongue when he whipped out his mamu.
by Exxa March 21, 2011
1.) Accounts of the mutiny (aboard His Majesty’s Armed Vessel Bounty) usually cite Fletcher Christian as interjecting the Tahitian word mamu 'silence!’ in to his speech

2.) The Mamu are an Indigenous Australian people from the coastal and rainforest region of Far North Queensland
"Mamu, sir! Hold your tongue or you are dead this instant!"
by Bilgerat510 January 31, 2010
A dangerous person especially in the higher hierarchy
He is a real mamu.
by Jay October 07, 2003
Derived from the phrase, "That bitch is so huge she could be Shamu's Mama!". A Reference to the Large Killer whale at a National Sea Park.
1. A Large women. Huge. The Fattest, fishiest bitch you know.
1. "Holy Fuck! Did you see that goddamn Mamu that just walked into the bar!"
2. "Quick, guard your nacho's that fucking Mamu is gonna eat them!".
3. "Have you seen Danny?, I wonder if he fucked that goddamn Mamu last night?"
by Beach Yeti April 07, 2008

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