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Beautiful, Smart, Funny, AWESOME (as said before), Outgoing, Weird and crazy (in a good way), fun to be around, shy at first but LOUD and PROUD when you get to know her, she's just an overall amazing person.
Person: Yoo! Who are you hanging out with today?
Person2: Oh! Umm, I'm going to hang out with Maliya.
Person: Really? Man, you're lucky.
Person 2: I know.
Person: Well, you guys have fun, lucky bum.
by Falala March 20, 2012
a girl from a middle-of-nowhere town who still manages to be freakin awesome; a girl that has an incredible amount of strange shoes.
That girl doesnt seem like the type to go to corn festivals. But i guess she's a Maliya!
by Mothy August 09, 2006